Clearwater, Florida Garnishment Defense Attorney

When you owe money to a creditor, it is within that creditor’s right to sue you for back-payments or for the full amount of your debt. If the court issues a judgment to your creditor, that creditor may be able to ask that your wages be garnished. In the case of a garnishment, the company for which you work will receive an order from the court that orders them to deduct money directly from your paycheck until the debt is paid in full.

If your wages are being garnished to a point of financial duress, you need a garnishment defense attorney who can help stop the automatic deductions of your wages from your paycheck and work out an agreement with your creditor.

Avoiding Wage Garnishment from Debt

While wage garnishment is meant to help creditors collect on debts that debtors may otherwise refuse to pay, the court doesn’t take every expense an individual may have into account when setting up a garnishment, which can put undue financial strain on the person. The best thing you can do to avoid your wages from being garnished is to deal with debt collection attempts before it gets to the point of being sued by the creditor. Negotiated repayment programs and bankruptcies are a couple of ways you can avoid a judgment against you.

Just because a garnishment has already started, though, doesn’t mean it’s too late to fight it. The sooner you mount a defense against the garnishment, the sooner you can get the garnishment stopped, returning your income to its normal level.

Clearwater Garnishment Defense Attorney

If your wages are being garnished, there are a couple of ways to go about stopping the garnishment. The first, and simplest, way is to negotiate with the creditor, work out a repayment arrangement you can afford, and stick with it. This works best when the garnishment comes from only one creditor, such as a single bank. If your wages are being garnished by multiple entities you cannot afford to pay back, it may be best to consider bankruptcy to eliminate or officially reorganize those debts.

Whatever your situation, Christopher F. Ikerd will help you determine your best possible option when it comes to stopping the garnishment of your wages. Mr. Ikerd can negotiate with your creditors to work out an arrangement that is acceptable to your creditors and less burdensome on your current finances.