Clearwater, Florida Collection Defense Attorney

When you have debts, it’s understood that you will pay them. However, there are instances in which creditors have no right to seek repayment from you, even if the debt was originally valid. If an old bill was never received for a utility or credit card, for instance, the company has only a specific amount of time to collect. Frequently, however, company’s sell their debts to credit collection agencies who ignore the statues of limitations, and attempt to collect anyway. If you are being harassed by a debt collector for a debt that is not yours, or a debt that has already reached its expiration, you do not have to endure the onslaught of collection attempts or pay the debt. Christopher F. Ikerd provides debt collection defense that will protect you from further collection attempts.

When the Debt Isn’t Yours

You should never pay a debt you don’t recall. Often, when people receive a letter or phone call attempting to collect, they assume the debt must belong to them or the collection company wouldn’t have their information. The truth is, when debt is sold from one company to another, paperwork that proves who the debt belonged to frequently goes missing. The first thing you should always do when approached about a debt is ask for the paperwork showing the debt owed. If the debt is not yours, or is past the statute of limitations, you do not have to pay it.

Illegal Debt Collections

Just because a debt isn’t yours doesn’t mean a debt collection agency wouldn’t love for you to pay it. Since collection agencies can be aggressive, there are many laws in place meant to protect consumers from aggressive collection techniques. If you have told a company a debt does not belong to you, or you have proof the debt is old, and they still won’t leave you alone, you cannot only stop the company from hassling you, you can sue them for violating collection laws.

Debt Collection Attorney in Clearwater

When you have debt collectors sending letters or calling for a debt that you shouldn’t have to pay, Christopher F. Ikerd can represent you in your communications with the debt collection company. With an attorney on your side, those debt collectors won’t be able to pressure you into paying a debt that isn’t yours, or is no longer due, and you may be able to get compensation for the trouble they have caused you.