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If financial woes and a crushing debt load are disrupting your peace and happiness, take action with professional legal assistance and representation from the Suncoast Law Group, in Clearwater FL. We enjoy helping people find debt relief solutions, because we understand what a positive change that can be for them and their families. Helping you find the best possible solution for your unique situation is our main goal; we have helped hundreds of Floridians put their financial difficulties to rest for good.

At the Suncoast Law Group, clients get answers and solutions for debt relief issues. We offer a free consultation to discuss your debt problems and to help you determine which course of legal action will bring the best results. We have a staff of professionals who understand how to help you get through this challenging time and get the debt relief solutions you desire to have.

Attorney Christopher F. Ikerd has a long history of helping people deal with debt. He enjoys seeing how his clients’ lives show improvement quickly, once their debt issues are resolved. A 2002 graduate of the Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Chris has been licensed to practice law in Florida for 13 years. His main focus of legal work centers on debt relief and the legal options available to his clients to resolve their financial problems.

Clearwater Debt Relief

Sometimes, the quickest debt relief is found when we help clients stop unfair collection tactics. Our experienced debt relief lawyer will help you get through any hearings or legal procedures to resolve your debt crisis.

  • Debt Collection Defense – Get proof of debt and right to collect; send verification letters to identify real collector. Stop harassment and other unfair debt collection practices.
  • Garnishment Defense – Protect your income, stop garnishment actions due to unpaid student loans, child support, unpaid taxes and more.

Florida Bankruptcy Options

  • Chapter 7 – Discharge qualified unsecured debts, protect exempt assets, and stop collection calls.
  • Chapter 13 – With qualified income level, catch up with an approved payment plan, avoid repossession and protect assets, stop foreclosure.

Debt relief is possible for you, no matter how deep in debt you are today. Start with a free consultation with our experienced debt relief professional, Attorney Christopher F. Ikerd. Contact the Suncoast Law Group, in Clearwater, FL. Call us now, at (813) 407-1306.