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Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney

Suncoast Law: Working Through Debt

If you are facing an extremely high debt load then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of my firm. I am attorney Chris Ikerd and I am a Clearwater bankruptcy lawyer committed to helping clients dealing with overwhelming debt. I have been serving the residents of Florida for over 10 years with a long history of success, and I have many satisfied clients that I have assisted in the past. I understand that you may be experiencing a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety, and you can be sure that I will work tirelessly to provide you with the best assistance that I can, should you choose to work with me.

It is important for you to know that if you are facing extremely difficult financial circumstances that you are not the only one. There are many individuals who suffer from extreme debt loads on a regular basis, however, due to the myths and rumors they have heard concerning bankruptcy; they are hesitant to explore their options. You must be aware that bankruptcy is a form of debt relief, it is not a punishment, and therefore may be extremely beneficial in your situation. In addition, there are many alternatives to filing for bankruptcy which I will be able to help you with.

There are many myths about bankruptcy. Get facts. Frequently asked questions. Email us to help.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are essentially two different kinds of bankruptcy that you may benefit from, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is generally referred to as straight bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy, and involves selling various unprotected assets to pay off creditors, and having other unsecured debts discharged. While this is a helpful scenario in most cases, it does cause you to lose some of your assets. In the state of Florida, however, there are extremely liberal exemption laws which will allow you to keep a great deal of your assets from liquidation.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a common choice for individuals who face foreclosure of their home. This is an option that is referred to as debt rearrangement and involves proposing a 3-5 year repayment plan to your creditors from your future wages. If you are facing foreclosure of your home then there are other options that you may benefit from more other than Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are facing foreclosure then you may also want to consider the option of foreclosure defense.

Bankruptcy and Credit

One of the biggest reservations that individuals have when considering bankruptcy is the effect that it will have on their credit. It is important for you to know that you will eventually have credit again as bankruptcy does not permanently destroy this. You will be surprised by how quickly lenders are willing to offer loans to those who have filed bankruptcy. Let us create a plan for you that can help repair your credit.

One other very serious issue for those who are suffering from overwhelming debt is creditor harassment. You have rights to privacy and creditor harassment can infringe on these rights very quickly. There are various laws and ordinances that prohibit certain practices by lenders, creditors and collection agencies. I can work with you to protect you from this harassment.

Seeking legal assistance? I can help!

At the Suncoast Law, I am very serious about assisting those who are suffering from overwhelming debt loads. I am able to work with you to find an option that works well for your situation and to help pave the way for a bright future if you choose to work with me. Many of my clients whom I have represented in the past feel very comfortable talking with me. I can also work to build a non-formal relationship so that you may feel free to call me whenever you need assistance. In addition, I return all calls in a timely manner.

I offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice regarding your situation without any financial obligation or commitment on your part. Do not wait until you have no other options, it is important to discuss your situation and how to proceed in building a better future as soon as possible. Contact my firm today to discuss your case and to learn more about how I can help you. My firm serves clients all throughout Clearwater as well as other areas such as St. Petersburg, Brandon and Wesley Chapel.

Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater that truly cares about you and your family, by getting in touch with my office today for a free consultation!

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